Using AGS Student Edition + In Your Course

The Student Edition of Architectural Graphic Standards (AGS) has been a staple of the architecture classroom for over 20 years.   Now, along with the new edition of this core textbook, there is, a subscription-based, fully searchable online reference that provides unlimited access to the text, drawings, details, and tables found in the professional version of our print product.

To help you better understand the benefits of using the AGS textbook in combination with the new online reference, we asked Keith Hedges, editor-in-chief of the new AGS Student Edition text, to provide more detail on the benefits of integrating into your classroom.

Q: How can I incorporate into my course activities?

A: We have an Instructor’s Manual available on the instructor companion website which includes sample lecture slides, exam questions, and projects available as individual .pdfs and editable .docx formats. Instructors can also utilize the thousands of AIA-endorsed details available on to quickly create course content by importing selected details, tables, figures, and text into PowerPoint lectures, tailor images to create examination questions, and provide clues as to what ready-to-edit CAD files may be needed for students to customize their final drawings.  The downloadable details are ideal to prepare the students for the new ARE 5.0 click-and-drag, hot spot, and case study, graphic-based question types.

Q: Are there any sample syllabi available for instructors?

A: Yes. Detailed sample syllabi covering various course types, such as technology and design studios, provide ideas on how to fully integrate the new AGS Student Edition (SE.) The new AGS SE is shown as a required text and provides the chapter and page numbers for associated readings. The course content can be paired with the rich AGS SE index to easily find associated content and images through the refined search filters.

Q: What benefits are there for students using in their coursework?

A: AIA endorsed standards provide a solid foundation for students to build upon.  While the standards are foundational elements, the students must bring in their own expertise and knowledge to bear when using and customizing details for their own academic needs. is a verified source that you can trust.

Q: How is beneficial to instructors and students as a research tool, particularly in the studio environment.

A: is a powerful research tool with thousands of available details where students can quickly find solutions to design problems or research topics by using the advanced search filters with the aid of the book’s index. The graphic details in non-AGS texts are often lacking in number and quality, forcing students to explore within a domain of online resources from product vendors or unknown and unproven resources, which means that the details may be incomplete, inaccurate, or inappropriate for their building’s context. Finding resources in the vast online realm can be very overwhelming to students. Having the fully searchable database of AIA-endorsed details (downloadable in .dwg, .dgn, and .dxf formats) allows students to spend less time looking for credible sources and ensures they can focus their attention on projects and coursework instead of pouring through vast manufacturer websites or endless Google searches.

Q: Is there complimentary instructor access or discounted student pricing for

A: Instructors receive a full year subscription with adoption of for their course and students receive free one-month access to with the purchase of any new print or eBook of Architectural Graphic Standards Student Edition, 12e.  A discounted student subscription rate is then available after the free trial expires.

Q: Does work on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets?

A: In addition to PC and MAC, students can design anytime and anywhere by accessing using portable devices while on the go, 24/7.

With both print and digital options available, we give you the power to teach your students in a multitude of ways, ensuring they can learn in the format they prefer.   As you can see, there are many benefits to adopting both Architectural Graphic Standards Student Edition and as an online tool for your classroom.  Visit for more information and to request an examination copy of the new textbook and start your free one-month trial subscription.